The Secret Of Spandau

Peter Lear - The Secret Of Spandau

By Peter Lear (pseudonym)

Rudolf Hess was the most closely guarded prisoner in the world. Forty-five years after his capture in Scotland on a supposed peace mission he was still in Spandau Prison. Why was it necessary to keep him there so long?

If anyone can reach him it is Berlin correspondent Red Goodbody, known for his foolhardiness, but also for his daring and panache. The stability of Western Europe may be undermined by what Hess can reveal. Both the KGB and MI5 move into action to protect the extraordinary secret of Spandau.

This book was written after I visited Berlin in 1984 and interviewed the US director of Spandau. The original idea was given to me by Vere,Viscount Rothermere.

UK Publisher: Michael Joseph, 1986
UK Paperback (as Lovesey): Pan, 2002 ISBN 1-405-00281-6
Latest UK Hardback (as Lovesey): Severn House, 2000 ISBN 0-7278-5659-6

“Peter Lear – alias Lovesey – is as reliable a thriller-writer as anyone now operating … Crisply written and very convincing.”
Andrew Langley, Bath & West Evening Chronicle