Peter Lovesey at Bouchercon 2019
Peter Lovesey will be honoured with a Lifetime Achievement award at Bouchercon 2019 in October 2019.


Beau Death
Beau Death
The Stone Wife
The Stone Wife
Beau Death
UK edition

Beau Death
USA edition

Another One Goes Tonight
UK edition

Another One Goes Tonight
USA edition


“All the confidence of a magician”


Beau Death

Launched December 2017 in UK and USA

Beau Death opens with a wrecking ball crashing into the roof of a small terraced house in Bath. When the dust has cleared, a skeleton in eighteenth century clothes is revealed. Can this possibly be Richard ‘Beau’ Nash, the man who by force of personality turned a Somerset backwater into the most fashionable city in Britain? Clues emerge that suggest as much and, more worryingly, that a murder was committed.

Peter Diamond and his team are reluctantly put to work on what seems an impossible historical quest. Then a modern murder is committed in front of a vast audience at the World Fireworks Competition right next to the Royal Crescent. This apparently unconnected killing galvanizes the team but has the unexpected effect of bringing Beau Nash and his death to centre stage.

Through a series of bizarre occurrences, the Beau refuses to be side-lined. Diamond is by turns mystified, angry and close to paranoia. Under such pressure can he solve both cases? Regular readers may guess the answer, but of course Diamond never relies on guesswork.

The Critics’ Verdict on Beau Death

‘Astonishingly convincing and inventive . . . The two things you need to get you through the winter in one piece are the flu jab and a Lovesey whodunnit.’
Mat Coward in The Morning Star

‘A first-rate mystery. Peter Lovesey rarely puts a foot wrong.’
Barry Turner in The Daily Mail

‘Peter Lovesey – the dean of English mystery novelists – remains as ingenious as ever in Beau Death.’
Michael Dirda in The Washington Post

‘Beau Death is a doozy . . . Lovesey seems to have outdone himself with the labyrinthine maze of multiple murders and mysterious conundrums.’
Robert Alan Papinchek in The Strand Magazine

‘Peter Lovesey is one author who can grab me on the title page, . . . he’s very, very good and knows his Bath history inside out . . . This is a great puzzle plot that will keep you guessing. Just what Lovesey does best.’
Margaret Cannon in The Toronto Globe & Mail

‘The book, I am happy to say, is as tightly plotted and absorbing as the best of Lovesey’s long-running series.’
Adam Woog in The Seattle Times

‘Witty, stylish and a bit of a rogue – that’s what people said about Richard Nash, known as Beau, the notorious dandy who transformed the English city of Bath into “the18th-century equivalent of Vegas.” The same might be said of Peter Lovesey, whose elegant mysteries pay tribute to the past glories of this beautiful city.’
Marilyn Stasio in The New York Times

‘It’s a mystery that could easily be played for farce, but Lovesey employs his dry, caustic humor to cutting effect.’
Lloyd Sachs in The Chicago Tribune

‘Peter Lovesey has a knack – to borrow a phrase from the Roman philosopher Seneca – for grabbing readers by the lapels and leading or dragging them on, willy-nilly, through a maze of blind-corner surprises and unexpected plot twists . . . it’s hard to imagine a more pleasurable way to read away the long hours of a quiet, wintry night.’
Doug Childers in The Richmond Times Dispatch

‘Lovesey moves from one dexterously nested puzzle to the next with all the confidence of a magician who knows the audience won’t see through his deceptions no matter how slowly he unveils them.’
Kirkus Reviews

‘The plot is one of Lovesey’s cleverest and the book is full of his trademark wry humor.’
Publishers Weekly

‘It is a wonderful series which rivals in quality the best of Reginald Hill (Dalziel & Pascoe) and Colin Dexter (Inspector Morse). What’s not to like about the irascible and brilliant Peter Diamond? And how in the world does Peter Lovesey come up with the fascinatingly intricate plots based on esoteric subjects and backgrounds? A marvellous read and an extraordinary series by a proven pro.’
George Easter in Deadly Pleasures

‘One of the best entries in a long-running series, this exceptional police procedural is packed with imperfect and engaging characters, sophisticated plotting, and abundantly detailed historical tidbits.’
Library Journal

‘Highly readable . . . Mr Lovesey moves from a hilarious launching of the plot to a delectable collection of vivid characters and an avalanche of clues.’
Muriel Dobbin in The Washington Times

‘There’s plenty of suspense here – action too – all told in Lovesey’s effortlessly elegant manner.’

‘Mystery fans who are just discovering Lovesey will no doubt be delighted to find that he has such a rich and deep back catalog to enjoy. His Grand Master award is well-deserved indeed.’
Sue Trowbridge in The Saturday Reader

‘If you like your police procedurals intriguing, solid and well-written, Lovesey’s your man – just as he’s been for dad and grandad.’
Jon Wise in Weekend Sport

‘Beau Death is a delight and an incentive to investigate other Detective Peter Diamond mysteries.’
Toni V Sweeney in the New York Journal of Books

‘He’s a wonderful entertainer . . . For me, Peter Lovesey’s characterisation, humour and plotting are key, and I’m glad to report that these are here in abundance.’
Martin Edwards in Do You Write Under Your Own Name?

‘As Beau Death elegantly demonstrates, nobody is better than Lovesey at mixing puzzle and procedural. Diamond with his mordant humor is, as always, razor sharp and thoroughly engaging.’
Irma Heldman in Open Letters Monthly

‘Lovesey’s signature understated humor, often historical and at times hysterical, finds its way onto pretty much every page.’
Bruce Tierney in BookPage

‘Beau Death is simply terrific . . . The humor is dry, but it is there in spades, as is the clever, puzzling and unforgettable mystery.’
Joe Hartlaub in 20SomethingReads

‘Beau Death is an absolute delight to read . . . There’s a very good reason why he has won lifetime achievement awards: he knows how to tell a tale that will keep you hooked from first page to last.’
Cathy in Kittling:Books

‘Why we really look forward every year to Peter Diamond’s return is Lovesey’s calm, professional mastery of the elements of crime fiction . . . Although there’s nor a sprig of holly, not a flake of snow in sight, Beau Death would make a splendid gift.’
Yvonne Klein in

‘Peter Lovesey has created an intricate and multi-layered puzzle . . . Fans of Ian Rankin, Peter Robinson and Deborah Crombie are sure to love Beau Death.’
Jessica Howard in Shelf Awareness

Peter Lovesey
Photo: Kim Hill


2019 marks a major year in Peter’s crime writing career, the fiftieth since he was announced as winner of the Panther/Macmillan First Crime Novel Competition.

Wobble To Death competition winner announcement

Wobble To Death first cover

After being honoured in 2018 as Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America, Peter completed another book in the Peter Diamond series. Killing With Confetti will be published in July 2019 by Sphere (UK) and Soho (USA).

In March, Soho Press will publish the first omnibus edition of the three Bertie, Prince of Wales novels. In addition, Crippen & Landru (USA) are to publish a special new edition of the short story collection, The Crime of Miss Oyster Brown.

With nice synchronicity, the world mystery convention known as Bouchercon also reaches its fiftieth year and in October 2019, in Dallas, Texas, Peter will be honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award.