Skeleton Hill

Peter Lovesey - Skeleton Hill

A Peter Diamond Mystery

Battle and burial are built into the history of Lansdown Hill, so it is no great shock when part of a skeleton is unearthed there. But Peter Diamond can’t ignore the fresh corpse found close to the folly known as Beckford’s Tower. The hill becomes the setting for one of the most puzzling cases he has investigated, involving golf, horse racing, Civil War re-enactment and the Cyrillic alphabet. Inevitably, Diamond butts heads with a group of vigilantes who call themselves the Lansdown Society, discovering in the process that his boss Georgina is a member. She resolves to sideline Diamond by sending him to Bristol and handing the skeleton investigation to his deputy, Keith Halliwell. Fortunately matters don’t pan out as Georgina plans …

UK Publisher: Sphere, 2009. ISBN: 978-1-84744-333-5
US Publisher: Soho Press, 2009. ISBN: 978-1-56947-598-0

Skeleton Hill, his 10th novel with Inspector Peter Diamond, is absolutely one of the best of this batch. Lovesey’s combination of wit, deduction and great characters is on display in a cunning mystery that would make Agatha Christie envious.” Margaret Cannon (Toronto Globe & Mail)

“A new Peter Diamond mystery is a cause for rejoicing … The man writes flat-out great British police procedurals that play fair and take the reader step by step through the logical process of solving puzzle murders … Peter Lovesey, who has won just about every major mystery award on two continents, is in top form here.” Joseph Scarpato Jr (Mystery Scene)

“Diamond is a classic — better catch him while you can.” Marilyn Stasio (New York Times)

“The excellence of Lovesey’s writing has been highly consistent over the years. When I open a new book by him my expectations are very high and they are always deliciously rewarded. One of the year’s best novels by a master storyteller.” George Easter (Deadly Pleasures)