Peter Lovesey - Goldengirl

By Peter Lear (pseudonym)

Motion Picture and TV series: see under TV, Film And Radio

Goldengirl – Goldine Serafin – is programmed to take the 1980 Moscow Olympics by storm. She is a superb American runner capable of winning a unique triple victory on the track. The stakes are high and the consortium backing her is interested only in the gold medals that will reap a fortune.

The story is a frightening vision of the mental and physiological manipulation of a young girl. Published in 1977, it predicted the use of HGH (human growth hormone) that would later become a sad reality in sport.

UK Publisher: Cassell, 1977
US Publisher: Doubleday, 1977
UK Paperback: Granada, 1978
US Paperback: Ballantine, 1979
Latest UK edition (as by Lovesey): Severn House, 2002 ISBN 0-7278-5835-1

“277 pages of some of the most perceptive, best researched and intelligently written sporting fiction of recent years.”
Ian Wooldridge, Daily Mail

“An enthralling, provocative, intelligent, deeply researched and terrifyingly plausible story.”
Richard Barkley, Sunday Express

“A cracking read, fast, enjoyable and intriguing.”
Daily Mirror

“Goldengirl is a 24-carat winner.”
Vincent Mulchrone, Daily Mail

“As convincing and thrilling as anything by Arthur Hailey.”
Eric Hiscock, The Bookseller

“Nobody should be surprised to see
Goldengirl on the silver screen come 1980.”
Publishers Weekly