Bertie And The Tinman

Peter Lovesey - Bertie And The Tinman

A Bertie, Prince of Wales, mystery

Listed in the Hatchards Top 100 Crime Novels

It is 1886 and the greatest of all jockeys, Fed Archer, has put his gun to his head and shot himself. An inquest is arranged with indecent haste. His mind was unhinged by typhoid, say the jury, despite conflicting evidence.

The Prince is suspicious. He admired Archer. He knows the Turf better than anyone on that jury and he has personal experience of typhoid. When he learns that Archer’s last words were, “Are they coming?”
he decides on action. He will turn his unique talents to solving the mystery and tell us in his inimitable fashion how he does it.

UK Publisher: The Bodley Head, 1987 ISBN 0-370-31113-2
US Publisher: Mysterious Press, 1988 ISBN 0-89296-196-1
UK Paperback: Arrow, 1988 ISBN 0-09-956500-5
US Paperback: Mysterious Press, 1988

“Hugely entertaining … It’s Dick Francis by gaslight.”
Peter Grosvenor, Daily Express

“Thank heavens for Peter Lovesey, who has produced another accomplished novel.”
Joan Smith, London Evening Standard

“Lovesey proved himself the world’s foremost concocter of latter-day Victoriana in his series of mysteries built around Sergeant Cribb … The rueful, candid voice he gives to the fleshy prince rings true, the details of the horse-racing and music-hall worlds are vivid, and much of the tale is sweetly funny.”
William A Henry III, Time

“One doesn’t wish to put that nice Sergeant Cribb out of a job: but we can’t wait to go out on another case with dear Bertie.”
Marilyn Stasio, Philadelphia Inquirer