Beau Death
Beau Death
The Stone Wife
The Stone Wife
Beau Death
UK edition

Beau Death
USA edition

Another One Goes Tonight
UK edition

Another One Goes Tonight
USA edition


“All the confidence of a magician”


Beau Death

Launched December 2017 in UK and USA

Beau Death opens with a wrecking ball crashing into the roof of a small terraced house in Bath. When the dust has cleared, a skeleton in eighteenth century clothes is revealed. Can this possibly be Richard ‘Beau’ Nash, the man who by force of personality turned a Somerset backwater into the most fashionable city in Britain? Clues emerge that suggest as much and, more worryingly, that a murder was committed.

Peter Diamond and his team are reluctantly put to work on what seems an impossible historical quest. Then a modern murder is committed in front of a vast audience at the World Fireworks Competition right next to the Royal Crescent. This apparently unconnected killing galvanizes the team but has the unexpected effect of bringing Beau Nash and his death to centre stage.

Through a series of bizarre occurrences, the Beau refuses to be side-lined. Diamond is by turns mystified, angry and close to paranoia. Under such pressure can he solve both cases? Regular readers may guess the answer, but of course Diamond never relies on guesswork.

Pre-publication Reviews of Beau Death:

“Lovesey moves from one dexterously nested puzzle to the next with all the confidence of a magician”
(Kirkus Reviews)

“There’s plenty of suspense here – action too – all told in Lovesey’s effortlessly elegant manner” (Booklist)

“One of Lovesey’s cleverest . . . full of his trademark wry humor.” (Publishers Weekly)

“I have just been reading Beau Death by Peter Lovesey and was amazed at how good it was” (Deadly Pleasures)


Paeons of Praise for Another One Goes Tonight:

‘”You’re on your own in this game,” Peter Lovesey gives fair warning in Another One Goes Tonight, his latest impeccably constructed mystery featuring the unpredictable but ever-entertaining Detective Peter Diamond of the Bath Constabulary . . . For all the witty jabs taken at English eccentricities, this is a classic whodunit. As Diamond notes, “Taken as problem solving, plotting a murder could be treated like any other engineering project, constructing a turbine or a tunnel.” The same might be said of deconstructing a good murder mystery.”
Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

‘Edgar-finalist Lovesey’s superior 16th whodunit featuring Det. Supt. Peter Diamond (after 2015’s Down Among the Dead Men) offers fair play fans a delightfully clever puzzle that toys with their expectations . . . Lovesey taunts readers with extracts from what appears to be a serial killer’s diary while building up to an ingenious final reveal that highlights his gift for misdirection.’
Publishers Weekly

‘Lovesey’s fans will be overjoyed to watch his series hero, Diamond – smart, obstinate, slyly funny – back in action and they’ll love just as much being made into chumps by a complex plot that the author takes pains eventually to clarify – just before he lets us know we’ve missed everything. Pacing, dialogue, exposition, backstory – nobody handles them better than Lovesey, who always writes elegantly while spinning a tough-minded police procedural.’

‘Another absorbing, resourceful English procedural from one of the best.’
Kirkus Reviews

Peter Lovesey sprang to success when his first book won a crime fiction competition. Since then he has collected almost every prize there is, at home and internationally . . . A series of surprises leads up to a skilful and unexpected solution. Another triumph for the old master.
Jessica Mann in the Literary Review

‘If you’re looking for a perfect summer holiday read, pick up Another One Goes Tonight by Peter Lovesey . . . Marvellous misdirection crowns a cunning story, told with gentle humour.’
Mat Coward, Morning Star

‘The story is engaging from the very first scene. Lovesey’s storytelling is darkly funny, with richly drawn characters, detailed police procedure, brilliant dialogue and impeccable plotting.’
Steve Steinbock, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

‘Peter Lovesey is a master of the intricately plotted murder mystery . . . This is easily one of the best and most entertaining mysteries I’ve read in a long time.’
Joseph Scarpato Jr, Mystery Scene

‘With his ear for authentic dialogue laced with black humour, Peter Lovesey opens a tale that is at once improbable but totally convincing. It takes a five-star crime writer to pull off that trick.’
Barry Turner, Daily Mail

‘Awards, including lifetime achievement awards from Malice Domestic (the Agathas) and the Crime Writers Association (the Daggers) have already accrued to Peter Lovesey; yet he continues to produce mysteries that are entertaining, insightful and witty. Another One Goes Tonight is the sixteenth Peter Diamond investigation, and it showcases the author’s clever plotting . . . brilliantly puzzling story.’
Robert C. Hahn, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

‘Peter Lovesey, where have you been all my life? I just met you in book 16 of your series starring the curmudgeonly Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond . . . My bookshelves sag with British authors’ series, so how the heck did I miss Peter Lovesey? No more, my friends, no more. What can be more delightful than finding a witty and erudite author with a huge backlist to devour like chocolate ganache bon bons?’
Roz Shea,

‘Delightful . . . the brilliance of the slightly cantankerous and overweight detective superintendent still shines strong. Bringing the beautiful city of Bath and the political problems plaguing modern police departments vividly to life, Another One Goes Tonight is an irresistible entry in the Diamond series.’
Shelf Awareness

‘The character are colourful and engaging; the dialogue is witty; and Lovesey’s prose carries readers effortlessly along a fairly lengthy book. Plus, his puzzle-making skills are top-notch. Matching wits with Diamond makes for a pleasant night’s entertainment. But you’re unlikely to solve the mystery before he does. Lovesey is a master of the genre.’
Doug Childers, Richmond Times-Dispatch

‘If you love to read a mystery that has a wonderfully convoluted plot with lots of misdirection, get your hands on Peter Lovesey’s Another One Goes Tonight: it is a delight. Fast pace. Marvelous plot. Plenty of humor. Stolen treasures. Good solid police work. Another One Goes Tonight is just plain fun to read.’
Kittling Books

‘Peter Lovesey writes some of the most interesting and intricately complex mysteries published today, and Another One Goes Tonight is no exception . . . An absolute thrill.’
Mysterious Reviews

‘Lovesey lays out a classic British mystery here, full of lively twists. Put this one on the summer reading list for pure enjoyment.’
Kingdom Books

‘A sound professional approach to crime, with clues readers can ponder, red herrings to lead them astray . . . who better to turn to for all this, along with an impeccable style and sly wit, than that consummate professional, Peter Lovesey?’
Reviewing the Evidence

‘Lovesey’s prose is so smooth and economic – no wasted words and no dry spots. Just pure reading pleasure. Another One Goes Tonight is a wonderful homage to the puzzle mysteries of the Golden Age, with the added bonus of characters who are fully fleshed out. . . . Long live Peter Lovesey!’
George Easter, Deadly Pleasures

‘The twists and turns; the multiple plotting that leads Diamond in the end to the right answer is never bullying or inhumane; and it is Lovesey’s humanity which makes him the popular – and admired – author he has been for decades.’
Ruth Morse,

‘Another One Goes Tonight is the latest entry in Peter Lovesey’s long-running series featuring Bath cop Peter Diamond. And the first thing to say is that it’s a hugely enjoyable read with a discursive but ingenious plot in which a whole bunch of inter-related strands are brought together quite splendidly at the end . . . This novel is an example of Peter Lovesey at his best and I recommend it highly.’
Martin Edwards, Do You Write Under Your Own Name?

Peter Lovesey


The Mystery Writers of America have announced that Peter is to be presented with the Grand Master Award, the highest honour they bestow. The statement reads: the award ‘represents the pinnacle of achievement in mystery writing and was established to acknowledge important contributions to the genre as well as for a body of work that is both significant and of consistent high quality.’

The first recipient in 1955 was Agatha Christie and those who have followed include Rex Stout, Ellery Queen, Georges Simenon, Graham Greene, Eric Ambler, James M Cain, Alfred Hitchcock, Daphne du Maurier, Ngaio Marsh, John le Carré, Ed McBain, Elmore Leonard, Mickey Spillane, Dick Francis, Ruth Rendell, P.D.James, Stephen King, Sue Grafton, Sara Paretsky, James Ellroy and Walter Mosley.

‘Right now I’m on cloud nine, hoping this is true,’ Peter said in a press statement. ‘Thank you, MWA, for giving me the biggest lift in my life. I’m touched, dazed and humbled by the company you’re inviting me to join.’ He will receive the award – a bust of Edgar Allan Poe – at the annual dinner in New York in April, 2018.

Edgar Allan Poe statue