The Stone Wife
The Stone Wife
The Tooth Tattoo
The Tooth Tattoo
The Stone Wife
UK edition

The Stone Wife
USA edition

The Tooth Tattoo
UK edition

The Tooth Tattoo
USA edition


“I’m jealous of everyone discovering Lovesey
and Diamond for the first time.” Sara Paretsky


The Stone Wife was published in 2014 in the UK by Sphere and in the USA by Soho Crime.

Just as the bidding gets exciting in a Bath auction house, three armed men stage a hold-up and attempt to steal Lot 129, a medieval carving of the Wife of Bath, and the highest bidder is shot dead.

Peter Diamond, head of the murder squad, soon finds himself sharing his office with the stone wife – until he is ejected. To his extreme annoyance, the lump of stone appears to exert a malign influence over him and his investigation.

Daily Mail
“It will hold you to your deckchair even if the sun is not shining.”
– Barry Turner

Library Journal
“A great procedural whodunit with an interesting maguffin. This is the 14th book in the Peter Diamond series and it’s enough to make the readers flip back through the previous thirteen.”
– Douglas Lord

Kirkus Reviews
“All the pleasures you expect from much-honored Lovesey are here.”

Wall Street Journal
“English author Peter Lovesey is himself a master of historical mysteries, but The Stone Wife merely has a historical hook. This lively, surprise-filled police procedural featuring Chief Superintendent Peter Diamond turns on a fatally botched auction-house robbery of a 14th century carving.”
– Tom Nolan

New York Times
“The murder mystery is solved along traditional lines, but it’s the wonderful tidbits of Chaucerian scholarship that enliven the novel . And whatever you think of Peter Diamond, he proves himself a ‘verray parfit gentil knight’.”
– Marilyn Stasio

New York Journal of Books
“Winner of the CWA Gold and Silver Daggers, the Cartier Diamond Dagger for Lifetime Achievement, as well as the Macavity, Barry and Anthony Awards, Mr Lovesey more than lives up to his reputation as a brilliant wordsmith, he exceeds it. Superintendent Peter Diamond is a warm, witty and wonderful creation by one of England’s most talented crime writers.”
– Doris R. Meredith

Suspense Magazine
“Peter Diamond is back, embroiled in a mystery that offers a wealth of wit and a true puzzle linked to a historical literary genius . . . As always, the character and his team are sharp, funny, and grab the reader’s attention from beginning to end.”
– Mary Lignor

Deadly Pleasures
“Adding a thriller element to the excellent police procedure, DS Ingeborg Smith goes undercover to try to track down the source of the fatal handgun used in the murder. Nobody writes better crime fiction in the UK than Peter Lovesey. I consider Lovesey to be the reigning king of British crime fiction.”
– George Easter

The TOOTH TATTOO is now in paperback and ebook form
“Lovers of good music and a good mystery should not miss this delightful tale.” - Washington Post

“I must resist saying that Peter Lovesey is at the peak of his game since, judging by past experience, he will soon produce another book that is even better than The Tooth Tattoo. Let it suffice to say that this is one of his best.” - Daily Mail

“These erudite and wonderfully witty books are unlike any police procedural you’ve ever read. The Tooth Tattoo is a case in point.” - New York Times

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  Peter Lovesey
Photo by Kate Shemilt

Together with the bestselling chidren’s author, R.L.Stine, Peter was honoured with a lifetime achievement award at a ceremony held in New York by the Strand magazine in July, 2014. The award was nominated by critics from the Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, CNN, Time magazine, NPR and the Strand. Previous recipients include John Mortimer, Joseph Wambaugh, Elmore Leonard and Faye Kellerman.